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Pokoje do Wynajęcia RD Majka

Modrzejewskiej 12, 58-160 Świebodzice

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Rooms for rent 2-3-4 persons. You can pick up or delivery to the airport or other designated place. The town is located in the vicinity of Książ Castle, Sobotka, the Owl Mountains, a settlement located on the edge of town, a quiet corner for those seeking wytchnienia.Trasa Castle Ksiaz about 30 minutes. Gold train a distance of about 5km. In the vicinity of Walim - complex underground "Włodarz" distance 26km. The biggest, rediscovered the underground complex "Riese" is "Włodarz". It is located on the hillside of the same name. Its construction started in 1943. Walim - Mine "Silberloch" unique fourteenth-century mine ores of lead and silver. "Silberloch already in the nineteenth century. Was a review of the region. Castle Bolkow distance 20km, located in Bolkow at Castle Hill, the slope breaks from the side of the Neisse Crazy sharp cliff, and the gentle eastern slope is the city. The castle is a castle upland. Building 7600 is m2.Obóz Gross Rosen Memorial The distance 22km. The Church of Peace was established by the Peace of Westphalia that ended the Thirty Years War 1618-1648.-distance 12 km.

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~20 km -  Accommodations Walim(22)
~25 km -  Accommodations Sokolec(8)
~28 km -  Accommodations Lubawka(29)
~36 km -  Accommodations Bieganów(2)
~41 km -  Accommodations Legnica(25)
~41 km -  Accommodations Karpacz(412)


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